I've helped on this project as a TD. The technic to get the final result with some "transparency" uses two different information as input. First the LIDAR image reproduce a on scale map of the set. This image contains the actual environnement with colour. The second input is a image containing the depth information at the position of the LIDAR when scaning the set. The work here was to match the depth image to the LIDAR by using transformations, distortion etc, to retrieve the correct position of the set elements. We had a lot of LIDAR and depth images so I had the idea of making an automatic tool to retrieve images by their paths and put them in a Nuke node set up. The artist had to click on one button to create a full setup; then only had to adjust the transforms.


Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Cat Scott
VFX Producer: Jarrad Vladich
2D Lead Artists: Greg Spencer
3D Lead Artists: Tom Raynor
2D Artists: Georgina Ford, Mike Simons, Matthew Ivin, Kylie Milne, Justin Gros Desir, Eleanor Risdon
3D Artists: Sergio Xisto, Amaan Akram, Francois Roisin, Jorge Montiel, Ian Baxter, Benoit Gielly, Sauce Vilas, Michael Hunault, Vasilis Pazionis, Emeric Meissirel-Marquot