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    Homefront has been an amazing project to work on since I've been involved from the start to the end. Supervised by Hugo Guerra and for game advertising agency Fire Without Smoke, all shots have been filmed in Stockholm at StillerStudios. During post-production, all artists were working remotly, mainly from London, Germany and New Zealand.

  • Full prep and comp
  • TD: Python tools to ease remote work between artists
  • Ftrack
  • DropBox


VFX Company: The VFX Vault
Agency: Fire Without Smoke
Directors: Will O'Connor, Hugo Guerra
Executive Creative Directors: Will O'Connor, Will Cole
VFX Supervisor and compositing Leads: Hugo Guerra, Juan Brockhaus
3D Creative Director & Artist: Juan Brockhaus
Compositing Artists: Hugo Guerra, Kirti Somerville, Justin Gros-Desir, Sebastian Lovén, Björn Gudmundsson
Motion Graphics: Will Cole, Jason Moss
Additional Modelling: Trace VFX, Dominic Werner