Hooten and the Lady /

Double Negative TV

Sky Television


    Hooten and the Lady is a British TV series broadcasted on Sky1. This project was my first from start to end at DnegTV in London. I really enjoyed working on the project because of its comedy genre and the two protagonists travel throught different countries. This led to many different shots to takle, from the snowed mountains to the desert or to Angkor temples. The comps are split between work on greenscreens, plate extensions and CG integrations such as scorpions, snakes, crocodiles etc.

  • Full prep and comp
  • TD: Python tools to enhance artists workflow
  • Shotgun
  • Fast paced project


VFX Company: Double Negative TV
Production Company: Red Planet Pictures
Directors: Colin Teague, Justin Molotnikov, Andy Hay, Julian Holmes, Daniel O'Hara
Producers: Caroline Levy, Candida Julian-Jones, Jules Hussey