Marvel's Inhumans /

Double Negative TV

Marvel Television, ABC Studios


    Marvel's Inhumans was released in 2018 for Marvel Television, ABC Studios. The main VFX shots were done at DnegTV in London. As you can imagine, the main work was to build and integrate Lockjaw, the giant dog. The deadline was extremely short making the workflow of this project incredibly fast. We were only 3-4 comps on the whole show and had to wrap the project in a month or so. This project was the main project at DnegTV for that I developed a Python tool set. The main tool was to rebuild the Beauty (from separated AOVs) automatically. All the tree was created including merge nodes, grades, shuffles, defocus etc. This allowed the comps to be extremely fast and efficient, often juggling between different shots but with the same setup for lockjaw. I was very keen in making this tool flexible and useful for future projects with 3D to integrate. DnegTV's comp departement now uses this tool daily. It works perfectly well no matter the naming convention (any user can locally remap the AOVs names in their interfaces). An example of a later project using this tool was Netfilx's Altered Carbon.

  • Full prep and comp
  • TD: Python tools to enhance artists workflow
  • Shotgun
  • Extremely fast paced project


VFX Company: Double Negative TV
Production Company: Marvel Television, ABC Studio
Directors: Roel Reine, Chris Fisher, Billy Gierhart, Neasa Hardiman, David Straiton, Kevin Tancharoen
Executive Producers: Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory, Scott Buck
Producers: Jean Higgins